Save the Dates and Invites

One morning I headed to the door, heard the Italian Postman say ‘Buongiorno Signora’ and was delighted to receive a beautiful gold engraved envelope, carefully handwritten with special stamps on. Isn’t it lovely to receive something that feels like luxury and not just a brown envelope?

Excitedly I carefully opened the wax seal, and pulled out a fabulous hand-painted invitation and right away I could see it was Italian, with a view of the Amalfi Coast. It was on the finest paper with a luxurious feel. Ohhh, who is this from and does it mean I get to travel? The anticipation of opening this beautiful invite, my eyes devoured every detail and I fell in love with the RSVP card and the heart-warming words from special friends. I literally couldn’t wait to write the date in my diary and decide what to wear! View all designs and work from Momental Design here.

Photo from Momental Designs:

Later that afternoon, sitting at work – I opened a What’s app message and wow, it was something totally different! A carefully crafted, very artistic digital Save the Date came up! It was mesmerizing and the music took me into another world. Bespoke digital invitations – whatever next? The Save the Date animated invitation slowly revealed the names and wedding details, click here to view the digital invite.

Two weddings in one month, at different parts of the country and of course I just had to accept both.

Are you a traditional couple? Or maybe you are into the digital world of instant communications at the tap of a finger? Which will you go for? What sort of reaction would you like from your friends? Of course, you could do both – a Save the Date whizzed across and then the stunningly beautiful luxury invite by post

If you are undecided then have a chat with me as I love to suggest little creative ideas to suit your personalities, just check my wedding agenda and I’ll see you soon.    

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