Weddings at JW Marriott Venice Resort

The Venetian lagoon is special, romantic and with views of St Mark’s Square floating on the water, there really is nowhere quite like it.  Many people comment on the special light that Venice has, and of course it is a photographer’s dream location.  There are all sorts of options for organising your Venice wedding or elopement and we have tons of ideas.  One of the special islands we enjoy planning with is the J W Marriott Resort & Spa on the Isola delle Rose.  This luxury retreat gives you relaxation after a day of sight-seeing, and is literally 20 mins by boat from St Mark’s Square.  It has unique and wonderful areas guaranteeing your wedding is unforgettable.

The hotel has won awards by Conde Nast, Best Resort for Europe, most hygienic Spa on a global level and the list goes on.  If you feel like pampering yourself before your day, then this is the place.

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We have been fortunate to have planned several weddings on the island using the various lovely areas, both inside and out – from the gorgeous Century Park for ceremonies, the Church for dining or after-dinner party, to the Olive grove for special cocktails or wedding cake cutting.

Our top tips when planning your wedding on the island
  • The J W Marriott Event organisers are super professional and follow every detail.Our wedding planner works closely with you and co-ordinates with the J W Marriott to ensure a detailed time line is followed (never under-estimate the number of assistants depending on the size of your wedding)
  • Allow plenty of time for guests to move from one area of the island to the other so its relaxing, and you can make the most of fabulous photo backgrounds
  • The island is special, and bear in mind it is an island, so you need to allow transport for both guests, special equipment, flowers, vendors.
  • Make the most of boats, make time for a bride and groom photo shoot and important alone time on a luxury wooden motor-launch.
  • The quality of food and service is second-to-none and taking time to visit before your wedding to enjoy the experience of your menu-tasting and finalise all your details is really the best thing you can plan.
  • Use vendors who know the island, who know the best ways to move from one area to another and can advise you on their timings to get the very best on the day.Of course, we can help you with booking all those lovely wedding extras to make it a day to remember.
  • In the Summer a soft breeze means the island has a special vibe.

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