What Weddings Should Be | Casa Collina Events | Italian Weddings
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What we believe weddings should be

  • Your planning time should be enjoyable, exciting, and above all fun!


  • Decisions and choices should be totally yours as a couple, and you should be happy with them


  • Your wedding is as unique as you are and your personalities should shine through


  • You shouldn’t have to worry about all the details and by the time your day arrives, you should be relaxed and care-free (although we can’t banish those nerves, we can help smooth the way)


  • Enjoy learning about your dream destination, learn the language and enjoy the culture, it will all be part of your story – ‘vivi I sposi’ means ‘long live the bride and groom’, ‘auguri’ means best wishes, ‘bacio bacio’ often called out at weddings means ‘kiss kiss’


  • We believe every wedding should also be eco-friendly as much as possible – ‘we all need to help the planet’


  • Your wedding planner is your P.A in Italy –she is totally unbiased and will give her honest opinion of things that are do-able or not.  So many good ideas can come from talking to her and from her experience