Italian Bomboniere - Casa Collina Events
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Italian Bomboniere

For a truly authentic Italian wedding, it’is a must to include wedding favors or bomboniere.  These can range from small little satin sacks tied with ribbon or more extravagant gifts for your guests, to thank them for attending your wedding. The giving of bomboniere is an Italian tradition that marks any special occasion it Italy, not just weddings, but also signifies the good luck that is wished for the couple.


Bomboniere (containers for bon-bon) are also called favors.  They can be colour co-ordinated to match the theme of your wedding and make a beautiful display, either set out by your wedding plannerto be given out at the end of your party, or displayed on the table at each place setting.  Many Italian brides have a basket of favors, and hand them out as guests leave, thanking them personally.


The Bomboniere usually contain sugared almonds known as ‘confetti’ – and there must be FIVE – each symbolizing health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.


Confetti come in many colours and flavours.  Some of the best suppliers now make them with chocolate inside rather than almonds and are really delicious. New flavours are available such as lemon, white chocolate, pistachio, strawberry and many more.


The Bomboniere are beautifully presented in a bag of tulle, or satin and tied with ribbon.  White is always the most popular confetti for weddings.  At some Italian weddings the confetti are displayed in beautiful glass or silver dishes, or sprinkled on the tables. You can even have a display in different size jars where guests help themselves.  This can look very elegant with labels showing the flavours written in caiigraphy.


There is also a way of presenting bomboniere, called a torta bomboniera which is made using little carton boxes forming tiers of a wedding cake or birthday cake.

Inside each box there are the almonds, a card printed with the date and names and on each box there is an object, ornament or keepsake.


There are favors to suit everyone’s budget.  Choose a small tulle bag, or an important thank you gift – all perfectly wrapped and presented in Italian style.


Italian brides spend time over choosing their bomboniere, and include larger gifts for close family members.  Nowadays there are many cool ideas for favors, such as having photographs taken of guests during cocktail time, and then giving them presented in cards at the end of your event.


Some couples prefer to give lottery cards, or gift cards to their preferred charity.  Miniature bottles of local alcohol such as Limoncello are also very popular and look wonderful for place names.