Five Favourite Italian Wedding Foods - Casa Collina Events
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Five Favourite Italian Wedding Foods

Five favourite foods – Italian Weddings


With every region in Italy having its own specialities and Italy being a foodie’s heaven, how do we sharpen it down to five favourites?   Italian couples tend to go for a very long wedding meal – particularly in the South, having 6 or 7 courses, plus wedding cake and a desert table. The wedding banquet goes on for hours, then at midnight even more nourishment!

You can’t beat home-made pasta and there are good vegan and vegetarian options; Italy is up-to-date with organic foods, keeping food pure and fresh.  Wine-makers offer great organic wines.


Antipasti – appetizers

I love the lightly fried vegetables served in a brown paper cone, or Buffalo mozzarella balls and sweet cherry tomatoes.  The Italians also present their food so well, although it may be a while before we can return to having the sumptuous buffet tables and appetizers will probably be served by the waiters.


Primo piatto – first course

My Italian mother-in-law says you can’t have a wedding and not have rice – so a creamy risotto is a must.  Risotto with fresh asparagus, mushrooms, or seafood.   Rice brings good luck (not just the throwing of rice, but also eating it). If you can’t decide between risotto or fresh pasta, ask for a ‘bis’ – a taster of both.


Secondo – main course

Sea-bass is a favourite and the Italians know just how to cook it perfectly, served with slices of potatoes, black olives and tomatoes.  There are main vegetarian dishes, like aubergines layered with tomato sauce and cheese.  For meat, one of the best areas in Italy is Umbria where you can enjoy incredible steak steamed with rosemary, and wild boar  – cooked simply with herbs.


Dolce – dessert

For me it has to be a genuine Tiramisu – literally meaning ‘pick-me-up’ because of its coffee content.  A close second would be a mille-foglie wedding cake or torta nuzziale (layers of puff pastry, cream, fruit and/or chocolate).    The Italians are fond of having several desserts to choose from, with lots of beautifully created miniature sweets, then of course Espresso – what else!


Wedding planner Jayne @casacollina


Photographer Nizzoli – @weddingtuscanyphotographer