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Do I Need A Wedding Planner?

Do I need a wedding planner?


This is a very good question . how much time you have together to organise your Italian wedding?


  • Organising a destination wedding in Italy can be a challenge. Let’s say it’s good to know you have someone who ‘has your back covered’! An independent wedding planner will work for you and only you, with your best interests at heart, (with no hidden loyalties to any particular venue).
  • The planning of a successful event depends on good communications,  carried out in a timely manner.  When you add a different language and a country with a different mentality – well, it will definitely make your planning process a whole lot easier having your own wedding planner!
  • Look to her not just as for help with planning your wedding details, but also for her wealth of contacts and knowledge of local areas, reliable suppliers she knows and works well with, advice on travel arrangements and local accommodation. The latter alone will take a huge stress away from you when your guests start asking “Where can we stay?”
  • Your wedding will hopefully be the one and only that you will organize and simply has to be super special. If it’s a second marriage, you may want it to be completely different. As a couple, you will have many questions and decisions to make: some small – some fairly important.  Your WP  is someone who can listen to your concerns and give advice from a completely unbiased point of view, something you may not get from close family and friends.  You may even want to let off steam about something. Let’s face it, an experienced wedding planner has worked on 100’s of weddings and been involved in all kinds of situations.
  • A professional wedding planner can save you money and make sure you are not over-charged. Most destination wedding planners have worked with various suppliers, ‘tried and tested’ and will only recommend those she knows will do an excellent job for you. These suppliers also want continued work, so they will go that little extra to make you happy and also your wedding planner.  You may of course have your own preferences, and she will make sure their contracts are fair for you.
  • For civil and religious ceremonies, your documentation can be complicated and a worry, your planner can guide you, get translations done and presented to courts, supply an interpreter and ensure you can get married legally in Italy whatever type of ceremony.
  • It’s difficult to put into words exactly what your wedding planner will do on the day. It will vary from wedding to wedding, but don’t underestimate having ‘that extra pair of hands’, and even more for larger weddings.   Time runs quickly and emotions are high.  Even the most well-planned event will have on-the-day issues to be resolved, and quickly. An experienced cool head can save the day!


To give you an idea of just a few wedding planner experiences ….


‘after working with my couple on the timings of the day and logistics, we realised that as they were marrying in the gardens of the Comune with limited car-parking, the plan for the couple to leave for the rest of the day by boat and then onto their dinner, meant the groom’s car would need to be parked for more than the two hours therefore risking a fine, and the other challenge was what to do with 22 chairs which had been purchased specifically for that day only.

I managed to get in touch with the Commander of the local Carabinieri and explained the situation in Italian.  He met us on the day and arranged a special permit for the car, and also promised to dispose of the chairs to charities who would appreciate them.’


‘I stepped in, to continue a ceremony, when there was a problem with the local Official, and the wedding continued with none of the guests any the wiser’


‘teaching kitchen staff to fold napkins with a pocket, tie with string and place herbs, exactly to the bride’s requirements ….’ – note this took much longer than anticipated and had to be done in a hurry


‘changing bouquets at the last minute, assisting florist with final touches, working out table plans where last-minute changes have taken place and informing caterers of dietary requirements all within little time to spare’


‘coordinating photographers so that all angles were covered, especially with couple arriving by boat and being greeted by guests on land and making sure the drone was there too!’


‘cueing the band to play the surprise duet, in Key C, to be performed by the bride’s father’


‘meeting a surprise entertainer, hiding her arrival, showing her where to change, coordinating the music and rounding everyone up to enjoy’


‘looking after a guest who was feeling unwell, and did not want a fuss’


‘resolving arrival transfer problem for guests the day before a wedding’


‘ensuring certain family members were kept away from each other during the wedding reception’


‘and at the end of the day, making sure you remember to take away your cards and gifts, marriage certificate and all those little extras you want to keep – and that the location is left clean and tidy etc.’


The list goes on and on and this gives you only a tiny idea and that’s why we all love weddings!


Finally, in my experience, every wedding is made up of a thousand stories, each couple’s destiny intertwined and that’s what makes my work so interesting.  There are the behind-the-scenes stories of the people helping to make the special day successful – putting all their efforts and passion into making it a day you will treasure forever.


For one day, many lives come together for a truly joyful event, making memories for all involved.  From the first meeting with the florist who sends her love with her carefully made bouquet, to the end of the evening, lights down and the last piece of music is played.  No matter how many weddings  we do, we never ever forget it is the one dayin your lives that truly counts ….



Bomboniere (containers for bon-bon) are also called favors.  They can be colour co-ordinated to match the theme of your wedding and make a beautiful display, either set out by your wedding plannerto be given out at the end of your party, or displayed on the table at each place setting.  Many Italian brides have a basket of favors, and hand them out as guests leave, thanking them personally.


The Bomboniere usually contain sugared almonds known as ‘confetti’ – and there must be FIVE – each symbolizing health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.


Confetti come in many colours and flavours.  Some of the best suppliers now make them with chocolate inside rather than almonds and are really delicious. New flavours are available such as lemon, white chocolate, pistachio, strawberry and many more.


The Bomboniere are beautifully presented in a bag of tulle, or satin and tied with ribbon.  White is always the most popular confetti for weddings.  At some Italian weddings the confetti are displayed in beautiful glass or silver dishes, or sprinkled on the tables. You can even have a display in different size jars where guests help themselves.  This can look very elegant with labels showing the flavours written in caiigraphy.


There is also a way of presenting bomboniere, called a torta bomboniera which is made using little carton boxes forming tiers of a wedding cake or birthday cake.

Inside each box there are the almonds, a card printed with the date and names and on each box there is an object, ornament or keepsake.


There are favors to suit everyone’s budget.  Choose a small tulle bag, or an important thank you gift – all perfectly wrapped and presented in Italian style.


Italian brides spend time over choosing their bomboniere, and include larger gifts for close family members.  Nowadays there are many cool ideas for favors, such as having photographs taken of guests during cocktail time, and then giving them presented in cards at the end of your event.


Some couples prefer to give lottery cards, or gift cards to their preferred charity.  Miniature bottles of local alcohol such as Limoncello are also very popular and look wonderful for place names.