Choosing a colour scheme for your wedding - Casa Collina Events
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Choosing a colour scheme for your wedding

Colour Schemes


How to choose your colour scheme for your Destination Wedding in Italy


  • Get inspired by your Italian venue
  • The season and the colours to suit
  • Set the mood and ambiance
  • Having all your favourite colours may not be the best for the overall feel, maybe just one main colour and then adding two or three to ‘pop’ the main colour. Choose colours that flatter you.
  • Do your research – Pinterest has tons of ideas
  • Consult the colour wheels – colours next to each other go together, and opposite colours on the wheel work too
  • Look at swatch samples, take cuttings from magazines
  • Avoid matching too much, try different hues. Neutral colours go with an occasional splash of colour.  Different shades of the same colour work well together
  • Make a mood board/ scrap-book and it becomes a lovely keep-sake
  • All the fun starts with your stationery


Top trends for Summer


  • Bright vibrant colours and using natural flowers from the surrounding areas
  • Fuchsia and Aqua colours